The following is some feedback from the courses on both facebook and directly from the course.  We keep all feedback anonymous so as to allow participants to openly express what they experienced.


  • Excellent course. Very well presented and instructed by Gino who is very knowledgeable. Feel confident to apply these new skills in clinical practice right away.
  • Really liked how hands on and clinically relevant the course is.
  • Plenty of practice time, clear, concise instruction.
  • Straight forward, very good at installing confidence – Thankyou Gino 
  • I liked all aspects, learning the trickier areas of the body to needle, and it was presented with confidence about the safety and efficacy of needling those areas.
  • Great anatomical info underlying the needling.
  • The videos are awesome!
  • Thankyou for a great course Gino! Loved the content and anatomy, you have made me a better Osteopath.
  • It’s really an excellent course! Gino is one of the expert educators I have seen so far, his knowledge in dry needling is outstanding. Highly recommend this course. Feeling much confident after applying the dry needling to the patients and the patients were happy too.
  • Gino’s delivery of his Dry Needling course was excellent – thoughtful , practical , to the point and informative. Often there are conflicting thought processes or biased approaches to treating patients when looking from individual health modalities, Gino removed any bias however focusing on the delivery of sound knowledge to improve one’s skills.
    Cheers again Gino.
  • Highly recommended!! Professional, applicable and fun! Thanks Gino, great course 
  • Great course with so much practical and theoretical knowledge from a highly experienced therapist.
  • Amazing course, highly recommend to anyone. Gino is full of knowledge and experience, found 3 days very practical, ready to needle tomorrow
  • A great hands on course! Also loved the in-depth theory behind dry needling.
  • Thanks for a great course Gino! Straight in to it monday 
  • Great delivery and approach, highly recommended.